No one really tells us what we should wear to attend a funeral Attending a funeral and no one tells us what is the appropriate dress here are few suggestions which is not about style, it is about being humble and showing respect check out the links

Hindu men in kurta

Dress Code for Hinduism Funeral Ritual

Kingdom of the White                  Vastramay 

Sojanya                     Edinwolf 

Amazon Brand 

Pyjama only 

muslim men with topi

Sandals preferred for the Kurta attire

Jhamnani                           Azzaro Black 

Big boon                                  Red Chief 

muslim men with topi

The funeral dress code for a Muslim ritual is similar to that of the Hindus and you can add a Muslim topi to honor the ceremony

Kingdom of the White                       Vastramay 

Sojanya                                       Edinwolf 

Amazon Brand 

Muslim Topi

Shahid Cap                               Al-Noor 

Shahid Cap house    

sikh man in white kurta

In a Sikh funeral the dress code is similar to the Hindu funeral also you can wear any light coloured Kurta




christian funeral

Christian Funeral, Burial and Memorial Service



Haggar J.M   

black boots

Black Boots Christian Funeral 

Red Chief                                       Vellinto 

HX London                                         Metro Men’s  

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