Your friends at Reunion expect you to be dashing all in their unconscious minds

men wearing white t shirt with blazer

Blazer, Jeans and white t-shirt and sneakers

Blazer - Manjestic                            Jeans – Levi’s 

White t-shirt Chkokko                    Brown Sneakers – US Polo Assn 

Slip on shoe blackbrown – ID          Blue slip on – Centrino 

luxury reunion

Suit for luxury reunion 

Park Avenue Blue with white checks  any light shirt

Blackberry wine colour  any light shirt  


outdoor reunion scene

Reunion at a restaurant or coffee shop – varsity jackets

AWG All weather gear jacket 

Campus Sutra varsity jacket 

Fanideaz black 

Maniac Yellow 


Chinos for restaurant or coffee place reunion 

House of Shields Black 

Red Tape light brown  

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