When going for trekking and camping, it's crucial to pack wisely to ensure you have everything you need for a safe and enjoyable experience. Here are some essential things to take with you

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Shelter and Sleeping Gear

Tent: A lightweight and waterproof tent suitable for the number of people on the trip.
Coleman Polyster 3 Men Tent 

Coleman Polyster 4 Men Tent 

Coleman Darkroom 6 Men Tent 

Sleeping Bag: Choose a sleeping bag appropriate for the climate and temperature of the location.
Coleman Atlantic                          Light Coleman Silverton 

Rocksport                         Lyrovo                        Rocksport 

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Hiking Boots: Sturdy and comfortable hiking boots with good ankle support.
Unistar PU Anti-skid hiking boot 

Bacca Bucci snow hiking boot 

Para Trooper tactical combat shoe 

Asian Men’s Everest 

Moisture-Wicking Base Layers: To keep you dry and comfortable during physical activities.

Bio-tique                               Plum Green 

Insulating Layers: Fleece or down jackets to provide warmth in colder weather.

Lux Cottswool                                 Jockey

Rain Gear: Waterproof jacket and pants to protect against rain and wind.

Indian Sports                             Water proof Fleece 

Extra Socks and Underwear: Keep your feet dry and change into clean clothes as needed.

Adidas socks                            Jockey 

Hat and Sunglasses: To protect from the sun's rays.

Sunglasses                              Vritraz   

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Food and Water

High-Energy Snacks: Nuts chikki jaggeryPine Nuts , trail mix dry fruits  , energy bars Yoga bar multi grain  , and dried fruits for quick energy boosts by Farmly.

Meals: Lightweight and easy-to-prepare camping meals or dehydrated food.
Khatta Meetha Poha                         MOM biryani 

Cuppa Maggie                                       Poha 

Meal of the Moment weekly combo 

Water: Carry enough water for the trek or use a portable water filter to purify water from natural sources.
Bobble plastic filter water bottle 

Portable water filter 

Lifestraw water filter   

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Navigation and Communication

Map and Compass/GPS: Navigation tools to stay on the right track during the trek.

Amazfit navigation and gps watch 


Compass Sportneer 

Fully Charged Phone: For emergency communication and GPS tracking.

Walkie talky 

Vertal digital walkie talkie 99 channels   

man aiding a woman first aid kit

Safety and First Aid

First Aid Kit: Pouch  including bandages , antiseptic wipes  , pain relievers Ayuravedic  and Dr. Artho  , and any necessary medications.

Multi-Tool or Knife: For various tasks and emergency situations.
Venekety Hammer Tool 

Stanely Plier tool 

Multi Tool Pocket Knife 

Whistle: To signal for help in case of an emergency.
Tima Pack of 10 coach whistle 

Headlamp or Flashlight: To navigate in the dark and provide light around the campsite.
Octopus Prime Headlamp 

CineFX Torch lights 

Insect Repellent: To protect against mosquitoes and other insects.
DND Nanosol Flying insect killer   

vessel and fire holder

Cooking and Eating Gear

Portable Stove and Fuel: For cooking meals during camping.

Yorten Portable Stove            Fuel Campingas Butane pack of 4 

Cooking Utensils: Pot, pan, and cooking utensils for preparing food.

Handi for outdoor cooking universal 

Eating Utensils: Plates, bowls, cups, and utensils for meals.
Biodegradable disposable plates 

Bioderadable disposable katori 

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Personal Items

Personal Identification: Carry your ID, driver's license, and any necessary permits.

Carry enough cash for emergencies and any expenses that may arise.

Sunscreen and Lip Balm: Protect your skin from the sun's rays.

WOW Sunscreen for men 

Minimalist Sunscreen 

Nivia men lip balm 

Minimalist Lip Balm 

Personal Hygiene Items: Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, and any other toiletries you may need.

Trash Bags: Carry trash bags to pack out all waste and leave no trace. 


Always check the weather and terrain conditions of the trekking location before packing. Pack light but ensure you have all the essentials for a safe and enjoyable trekking and camping experience.

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